Written by Ava Licata

We all love our tried and trusted dry shampoo for the days when washing our hair is just too much of a hassle. Brands like Batiste, Living Proof, R+Co, and Amika are some popular sellers of aerosol dry shampoos that you might be using. 

What’s the harm in using aerosols? 

Aerosols have seriously damaging effects on human health. When we breathe in small particles of aerosol, they can damage lung tissue and lead to various lung diseases. A recent international Commonwealth Science Council conference found that air pollution kills over eight thousand people every day.

Not only do aerosols affect us as humans, but they also have great impacts on the earth. Aerosols largely contribute to air pollution, producing mass amounts of smoke, smog, haze, and dust worldwide. Small flecks of black carbon from burned coal or wood absorb heat from the sun and warm the atmosphere. The more carbon based material we use, the warmer our atmosphere becomes. 

Making the swap 

There are endless ways to reduce our carbon footprints in small ways. Swapping your bottle of aerosol dry shampoo with a powder one is a simple way to achieve this.

I decided to test out a dry shampoo powder from the all natural and cruelty free brand, Acure. I was curious as to how the powder formula would compare to the aerosol dry shampoo I was accustomed to. 

Reducing carbon footprint by eliminating aerosolsReducing your carbon footprint with dry shampoo

I found that the powder formula was much easier to blend into my hair than the aerosol dry shampoo, which often took quite a bit of combing. Although this powder only comes in a white color, there are many other brands that sell dry shampoo powder in various hair colors. 

This dry shampoo gave my roots a fresh look along with a bit of volume. It kept my hair fresh throughout the day while keeping my natural oils concealed. This is a great swap for any aerosol dry shampoo as it is also reasonably priced. 

Another option – Dry shampoo foam

If powder just isn’t your preference, another great swap for aerosol dry shampoo is dry shampoo foam. Foams effectively absorb oil whilst nourishing the scalp. This is a great product for those looking for some added volume without drying out the roots. It is also a perfect alternative for those who have curly hair. Foams prevent the no risk of damaging your curl structure. Drugstore brands sell these foams and can be purchased at your local CVS or Walgreens. Some of the most highly rated include the Active Beauty Green Tea Fitness Dry Shampoo Foam made by OGX and the Phantom Hydrating Dry Shampoo Foam from Amika.Another example of how to reduce your carbon footprint with dry shampoo

Benefits all!

The products that we use in our daily lives are often things that we repurchase time and time again. We likely buy these products because they’re the cheapest thing on the shelf or sometimes, the most convenient ones to buy. There are tons of brands creating sustainable, reasonable, and innovative items. Supporting these brands and making simple swaps is one of the best ways we can better our own health and protect the environment.