Simple Steps to Cut Down on Your Own Plastic Use

We cannot get away from plastic! It is in every aspect of our lives. After watching so many documentaries, seeing alarming photos of plastic coming up on shores and landfills filled with them, the harm plastics are doing to wildlife, etc., and then observing the rows of plastic in our local supermarkets and drug stores, I began to think about how we can all do our part to cut down on one-time use plastic containers.

Through research on the internet and much trial and error with so-called “green products” I found products to use every day that reduce my plastic consumption with a most important benefit being the “reuse” of the containers, spray bottles, jars, etc. I already have!! . These products run the gamut from laundry detergents, counter sprays, soaps, dryer sheets, dish detergents, etc. etc. They are concentrated, use little or no water, have dissolvable outer layers, and in some cases, fewer chemicals so as to reduce the need for bulky plastic containers while providing a healthier alternative to what we are conditioned to have in our homes. There are increasingly more of these products available, which I believe can make a difference in our lives and our children’s lives. They make it easier for us to not sacrifice quality or efficacy while reducing plastic waste. Switching costs are low and positive global impact is high. If we can change at least some of our habits and be aware of ways to cut down on plastic on a daily basis, there may be hope that our planet can survive this crisis.

Below are just a few sites that offer these environmentally friendly alternatives……

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