Food Scrap Recycling

The town's new Food Scrap Recycling program is coming soon (this fall!) and it couldn't be easier to use.  The collection will be at the town Transfer Station (Lakeview Avenue) and working together, we hope New Canaan will soon be able to diver about 1 ton of food waste PER WEEK from our municipal waste stream.  Click HERE to learn more about the program and how you can use it!

Swap Shop?

Christmas Tree Mulching

We're listening New Canaan!  And we hear a lot of you suggesting the town add a Swap Shop to the Transfer Station.  We're working on it...and if you'd like to be more involved, please contact us!

This year, Planet New Canaan is working with the Town of New Canaan on a Christmas Tree mulching program.  After the holidays, residents will be able to drop their unadorned Christmas Trees at the Waveny Pool Parking lot.   The trees will be mulched and spread on the New Canaan Nature Center property - keeping them out of much needed landfill space.

Waterway Cleanups

Planet New Canaan has partnered with Surfrider on several river wand waterway clean up initiatives.  Check our site for our next date, or subscribe to our newsletter for updates.