Backyard Composting

Got space in your backyard and want to start your own compost pile?  Great idea:)  You've got a few option.  

Food Scrap Program at the town Transfer Station

The town's new Food Scrap Recycling program is coming soon (this fall!) and it couldn't be easier to use.  First - you'll need a permit sticker for access to the transfer station.  Apply for the permit via the town website.  Next, you'll need a bin for collecting your compost.  Use something lying around your house, or head to Weed and Druyea to pick up a compost bin or bucket.  Fill your bucket with any and all FOOD SCRAPS (meat, bones, dairy, eggs, oils, starches, veggies - IT ALL GOES IN!) and take it the the transfer station at your convinces to empty.  IMPORTANT: nothing but food can go in the food scrap collection, with one exception; you can line your bucket with bio bags (also sold at Weed and Druyea).  NOTE: THESE ARE NOT THE SAME AS PRIDUCE BAGS, WHICH CANNOT GO IN!. Working together, we New Canaanites will be able to diver about 1 ton of food waste PER WEEK from our municipal waste stream.'ve got a backyard, and you've got food scraps.  But can you truly create an easy compost system at your home?  YES!!


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